Let our professional hosts help you beat the brain drain! A great icebreaker, teambuilding activity, birthday party game, or regular event to keep your friends, clients, and staff entertained.  Our hosts create a personalised quiz paper, and provide the answer sheets and pens. 


Sick of trust falls? We have fresh and different activities suitable for any demographic, any age, and any corporate culture. From Office Olympics to Bomb Squads and everything in between, our activities are tailored to your requirements, designed to be an experience and hosted by the best in the business.


Cause a riot, get gasps from your crowd, make them laugh, make them cry, keep them enthralled. We have dancers who play with fire, magicians who can make almost anything disappear, performers who defy gravity and sometimes cheat death. We have DJS, comedians, musicians, and any other ‘ains’ you might be searching for. Think big, we got you.


Award evenings, conferences, product launches, mall activations, festivals, open days, you name it we have done it and would like to do it for you! From some of SA’s biggest celebrity names, right down to undiscovered diamonds in the rough, we have the right personality lined up to suit your needs. 


With our fingers in nearly ANY kind of pie, we can theme your event from the ground up. No matter how off the wall or out of this world your ideas might be, it is our job to magic them into existence. Music, entertainment, decor, themed food, interactivity, personalisation. Why do run-of-the-mill when you could do extraordinary? 


Working alongside some of the best suppliers in the country, we offer a full turnkey event service. Decor, technical, sound, screens, lighting, logistics, food, beverage, venues and more. Get a referral or work directly through us, we have testimonials for days and the drive to make sure your needs are met 100% of the time.